Upton Drum School

We are a highly unique drum school located in Tauranga. Upton Drum School was founded in 2017 by Phillip Upton, with the goal being to inspire the future generation through music and rhythm. We create an encouraging learning space and provide a modern learning environment using high quality drums, cymbals and electronics.

We have a mobile teaching studio “The Drum Truck” that is taken to schools in the Tauranga area, as well as an acoustic drum studio at our home address. The mobile studio has 4 Roland electronic kits, all linked into a controller that enables the students to hear themselves and the tutor, making for a fun, engaging and highly effective learning experience.

“My Daughter is a part of this School and she loves it!, Phillip is an extremely talented drummer and has a very relaxed professional way of teaching the kids which we find amazing. I highly recommend Upton drum school to any parents looking to get their kids into drums”
“My son loves his drum lessons and has come such a long way this year. Not bad for a kid that wasn’t interested in music at all. Credit to Phillip and his teaching style”

Phillip – Educator/Founder

Phillips drumming journey started 18 years ago when at the age of 8, his dad brought him his first drum kit. While at college, he was given his first teaching opportunity, teaching 16 intermediate students once a week. Fast forward a few years, many bands and after gaining a Diploma in Music performance and production, he is now teaching all ages, every day of the week… some would say living the dream!

Chelsea – Educator

Chelsea has been learning with Upton Drum School since 2018, fast becoming one of the standout female students. She is part of the ACG Tauranga rock band, and juggles her drumming with being the head girl, playing multiple sports, and winning academic prizes left right and centre.. Her favourite band is the Foo Fighters and anything with big loud drums.. we like it!! 

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